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Jerald + Heather | A Volkswagen Love Story

By Sara | Published February 15, 2012


It took Heather 8 years worth of visits to the Volkswagen parts store where Jerald worked before they struck up a conversation. Yes, Jerald is a bit on the quiet side, but luckily for him Heather’s cars kept breaking (they are Volkswagens, after all) and she kept coming in. After that first conversation, they were smitten. Both of them build and work on their own project cars, including a vehicle named “BusZilla” – a dragon-themed Burning Man creation made from two VW buses smushed together (built by Heather – now there is some lady awesomeness in action). Because their love of VWs brought them together, we decided to do the shoot in the garage of their new house where Jerald is building a Volksrod (a hot rod Beetle) that they will drive on their wedding day.

In addition to being incredibly cool and mechanicly savvy, these two are also incredibly sweet. They are some of the nicest people I know and the love between them is straight out of a movie, which made them incredibly easy to photograph. I can’t wait for their wedding in August!

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