Our Wedding!

Welcome to our wedding blog. This will help to keep track of where, what and when we are doing for planning our very important day. You will see, photos and information regarding our DIY wedding, which includes paper flowers, decorating wine bottles, painting glass jars, among other items. You will also see the progress on our 2 vehicles that are 2 important characters in our wedding. Jeralds volksrod (a vw bug based hot rod car), which we will be finishing so that we may drive away as a married couple. The other is a 1971 Volkswagen adventure-wagon camper – Rosie,  for our honeymoon we decided to take it to the road, this will be our home :)

Days are counting down, and we are getting anxious! We have made lots of progress on both vehicles, although not quite done. We will be showing both vehicles at the woodburn vw show June 2nd 2012: http://northwestbugrun.com/2012/2012-northwest-bug-run/

I am also hosting a paper flower making event at our house: Thursday, May 17, 2012


Important Information:

August 12th 2012  at 2pm
Rood Bridge Park - please visit the location page for more information > http://iwouldicouldido.com/?page_id=54

There is no smoking in the park.

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